Courtesy of ABC Eyewitness News 
By Diane Pathieu


NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. (WLS) — A temporary COVID-19 vaccination clinic opened in North Chicago for seniors.

About 1,700 seniors in the area will be able to get their vaccine beginning Monday “We’re excited to be here, and we’re hoping that all of our community will come and get this,” said Dora King, North Chicago resident.

The new temporary vaccine site will serve about 150 people per day over the next two months.

“I think it’s quite important because we have a lot of people who are eligible to get it. They need to do it. It’s for our own safety, for the community, for the world in fact, so I would encourage everyone to get the vaccine,” said Billie King, North Chicago resident.

The vaccines are available by appointment for people 65 and over living in the North Chicago.

North Chicago is also an area with a vast majority of essential workers caring for or living with older family members.

“Now they can get vaccinated and have that, you know, opportunity to have that protection. It means so much so that people won’t have to be hospitalized, go on ventilators, possibly pass away, so, you know, this is an excellent opportunity for our community,” said Leon Rockingham, North Chicago mayor.

The clinic is at the Greenbelt Cultural Center on Green Bay Road. The clinic was made possible by partners including biopharmaceutical company AbbVie.

Officials encouraged everyone eligible to sign up and get vaccinated.

Lake County Health Officials said the vaccine supply is decreasing. There are 1,950 first doses for the entire county.

State health officials said the priority is turning to provide the second vaccine shots.